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Before buying a wedding band, there are a number of things to consider in order to finding the perfect match.  Such factors include the design of the band and the metal type.  However we must also address the ring width and the ring style.



 The court shape is the most common and traditional  shape of wedding band ring,  It is rounded on the  inside and rounded on the outside which helps it sit  comfortaly as it beds into the finger.


Not the most traditional, however hugely popular among the public.  

The flat band is flat on the inside and outside. Generally the ring will be heavy and chunky.


Also very common and as traditional as the court wedding band.  The

D-shape is another very traditional option, this band is flat on the inside and round on the outside.  This ring fits very comfortably on the finger and is less likely to move about.


Not the most tradtional however hugely popular.  The flat band is flat on the inside and outside.  Generally the ring will be heavy and chunky.


It does not matter if you prefer to have a ring with a width of 2mm or 10mm, generally the weight of the ring can be tailored to your specifications, so the width will remain as you request it, however more metal will be added to match your requirements.  Some prefer wearing light weight rings (2.5g - 5g), the most popular are the medium weights (5.1g- 7.4g) and others also prefer to wear heavyweight rings (7.5g- 20g).


The width of the ring is the amount of space along your finger it covers. Almost all the rings we sell are between 2mm and 10mm.The width can affect the comfort of the ring, and even the size needed, as a wider ring means more skin is displaced.

If you're wearing a wedding ring with an engagement ring, consider the width of the two rings together. We recommend you use our sample service to fine tune your size and make sure the width and profile of the ring won't affect the fit and comfort.  It is important to note that when purchasing specific designs, they can change dramatically due to the size of the width.

Generally, the majority of our online sales are in the range of 5-7mm and our product item pictures mainly depict 6mm.

Above are examples of how the ring design alters due to the change in the width size of the wedding band.

Wedding Band Ring Finishes

There are a number of ring finishes that can made available to classic wedding bands.  

Mirror finish - A highly reflective polished finish resulting in a mirror-like surface on the ring.

Fine Matt finish - A non-reflective finish with no apparent texture. The ring's surface would have been finely scratched to create a misty look.

Sandblasted finish - A textured effect resulting from high pressure sand blasting.

Hammered finish - As in the name, the surface of the ring is subjected to a tiny hammering effect, resulting in a dented surface.

Stardust finish - A sparkling effect whereby the ring appears with a part-polished and part-sandblasted surface, giving the appearance of stardust.